Let The Journey Begin!

Follow Chase Rivers And His Struggle From Poker Flop To Poker Pro!!!

Atlantic City To Las Vegas... And Everywhere In Between...

A Poker Journey details the incredible story of poker enthusiast Chase Rivers, and his attempts to go from a poker playing wannabe to one of the game’s elite.  Follow Chase’s journey as he struggles through the ups and downs of the chaotic playing field that makes up the world of professional poker.  It’s a wild ride, but not all fun and games, as Chase is forced to overcome many pitfalls and roadblocks on his way to the top.

We all set goals for ourselves, and A Poker Journey is the tale of an individual that sets out to reach his no matter how lofty it seems or how high the cost.  Above all, it is a story of perseverance and determination.  Chase tests his mettle and intestinal fortitude as he attempts to make his poker dreams come true.

From New Jersey to Las Vegas and places in between, Chase finds himself in some sticky situations on his path to greatness.  Robberies, jail, the mob; Chase has to endure it all in order to find his way.

The question is – does he get there?

Experience his journey.

Experience – A Poker Journey

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